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If You or Someone Close to You Has Heart Disease or Risk of Developing Heart Disease Then Starting a Resistance Training Program Should Be Top Priority

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You are about to lay your hands on the most powerful and effective cardiac resistance training program that has helped thousands of people prevent, stop and reverse heart disease and gain permanent relief from all kinds of heart events.

Patients sometimes receive conflicting advice from physicians about the level of activity that is acceptable. Most are told that they should not lift anything great than 5 pounds. That instruction would mean that patients couldn’t even open the door to the doctors office. This can leave people confused but can also promote fear and inactivity. Which is never a great thing. Yes starting a aerobic exercise program is important but most people want to get back to activities such as mowing the lawn, sport, playing and/or lifting children. This is where it is so important to start a resistance training program.

Being able to do even the most basic daily activities requires strength, and having confidence that you can do these activities is beneficial to you. What are your goals? We can help you get there.

If you do not know me my name is Diamond Fernandes. I am a leading heart health expert, cardiac health speaker and professional cardiac physiologist and I want to use my knowledge and 15 + years of experience as a heart health consultant to help you reverse all kinds of heart diseases for good, have a 100% healthy heart again and avoid emergency room visits.

You see, I know what it is like to live in fear of having another heart attack or event, waking up healthy but only to find yourself in the emergency section of a hospital during the day and the guilt when you can’t be there for your family when they need you.

I have seen thousands of patients, including my own father, who had his first heart attack at the age of 38. Now he is following my advice and living well, reversing heart disease. Thanks to our powerful cardiac rehabilitation program, my father is healthy again. Thousands of patients have regained 100% heart health and are now out of risk of developing heart problems.

With this program, I am now living out my passion for helping people live happier, healthier and longer. I dedicate my life to giving patients hope after a heart event whether a heart attack, heart failure or heart arrhythmia.


I will show you how to:
  • Follow a resistance training program that works
  • Gain Strength so you can reverse all heart problems so you never experience a heart related condition again
  • Strengthen your heart to depend less on medications
  • Regain perfect health and be there for your loved ones just like they were there for you so
    you will be a happy family once again and free from worries




As you now know I am the leading health heart expert and offer one on one consultation to patients in our clinic. I have tried this resistance training program on thousands of men and women and it worked. Thousands of former heart disease sufferers now live a healthy life after following my Cardiac Program. This is why I decided to offer this proven program here so that more people can benefit from it and live healthier and happier lives.

For more proof that my cardiac program works, here is what people are saying:
“Everyone with a heart problem should take this program. It was great to be one on one with the specialist answering my questions. They really know what they are doing and will help you become successful.”
Bill Johnson
“This is the best program to reverse my disease process. I was heading for a heart attack and I found out that I was 17 years older than my chronological age with high blood pressure and overweight. I managed to lose 30 pounds and reverse my disease process to my chronological age. Thank you so much for being a part of my life. You will never know how much it means to me, but I suspect my family will benefit from it as will I”
Carrie Kuccy
“This program is an excellent source of information. Knowing your risks can greatly influence the change necessary for a healthier life! The program is laid out very well and easy for the average person to read and understand.”
Jodie Southcombe
“This program was great and they helped me understand all of my risk factors. They gave me the tools to help me manage my heart problem. I would highly recommend this program for the prevention of Heart Disease heart failure. High quality, competent program, informative measured data, life changing, very very satisfied.”
William Dee





Let me tell you this-you can’t completely depend on cardiologists to help you through the complete process of reversing heart events. I am not saying they are bad people or they don’t want you to get better. In fact, most cardiologists and doctors want the best for their patients and will ensure that you take your medication daily.

It is just that they it is difficult for them to devote the time or attention to helping you go through the whole cardiac rehabilitation process. They just have busy schedules. That is why we receive many referrals from cardiologists to our program.

That is why there are cardiac medications…

When manufacturing drugs it is an expensive process to go through. The drug companies usually go through different phases of drug testing using different groups. One group takes the drugs and the other group thinks they are taking the drugs (placebo).

I am confident that my groups would show the best and long lasting recovery. I am not competing against drug companies.

In fact, most of my patients take cardiac medications. But they understand that these medications are not going to eliminate heart disease for good just get rid of the symptoms temporarily.





Here are some other additional benefits you will discover from the program:
  • How to perform resistance training safely and effectively after a heart attack or heart event
  • Learn the precautions for resistance training so you can be a success
  • Get a great list of resistance training exercises that you can start immediately


The best part is it is completely risk free to try this program with my: