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Hi Friend,

If you do not know me my name is Diamond Fernandes. I am a leading heart health expert, cardiac health speaker and professional cardiac physiologist and I want to use my knowledge and 15 + years of experience as a heart health consultant to help you reverse all kinds of heart diseases for good, have a 100% healthy heart again and avoid emergency room visits.

I have seen thousands of patients, including my own father, who had his first heart attack at the age of 38. Now he is following my advice and living well, reversing heart disease. Thanks to this powerful cardiac rehabilitation program, my father is healthy again. Thousands of patients have regained 100% heart health and are now out of risk of developing heart problems. I am now living out my passion for helping people live happier, healthier and longer. I dedicate my life to giving patients hope after a heart event whether a heart attack, heart failure or heart arrhythmia.


Ask the Experts:
  • Schedule a meeting with a heart specialist to talk about your questions and concerns
  • We will show you how to reverse all heart problems so you never experience a heart related condition again
  • Talk about your medication and how to get off heart medication without any negative effect with your doctor


For more proof that my cardiac program works, here is what people are saying:
“Every question I ask I get answers to. Heart Disease is a process and it is great to have an expert with me”
Joe Taylor
“Having access to this type of expertise is priceless. I had so many questions and it was nice to have them answered by people who really want you to succeed. ”
Allan Thin





Let me tell you this-you can’t completely depend on cardiologists to help you through the complete process of reversing heart events. I am not saying they are bad people or they don’t want you to get better. In fact, most cardiologists and doctors want the best for their patients and will ensure that you take your medication daily.

It is just that they it is difficult for them to devote the time or attention to helping you go through the whole cardiac rehabilitation process. They just have busy schedules. That is why we receive many referrals from cardiologists. We can give you the time to be a success.


If you want to reverse all kinds of heart problems completely and permanently, you need a qualified cardiac coach to take you through the whole process.

After years of research, education and professional experience, I am here to help you in reversing heart disease completely. This is for you if you have had or are at risk of developing a heart attack, heart surgery, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure/hypertension, high cholesterol or diabetes.


We can address:
  • How to exercise safely and effectively after a heart attack or heart event
  • How to eat right to control inflammation, which is the root cause of heart disease
  • How to develop the right mindset and determine a road map for heart health success
  • How conventional medications work including side effects, benefits and interactions
  • How the heart functions so you become an expert on your heart
  • How to lower the bad type of cholesterol
  • How to lose weight naturally and eliminate all weight related problems for good
  • How to reduce stress, and experience increased happiness and wellbeing
  • How to overcome sleep problems and sleep well to stay healthy and productive
  • How to lower blood sugar naturally and eliminate the risk of diabetes, fatigue, low energy and mood swings
  • How to eliminate all sexual health risks and enjoy love making again

The best part is it is completely risk free to try this program with my:

I am ready to give you a 100% refund aif you don’t see results or are not pleased for any reason and I won’t even ask questions.





I offer one on one consultation in our heart clinic at $1495.

But I can’t help as many patients as I would like to due to time, distance and finance limitations.
Now for a limited time only, I am offering the same one on one expertise for $497.

I am giving everyone a chance to benefit from my service by paying only a tiny percentage of what I charge.

Think of this: you will never have to visit emergency rooms again or buy even more expensive medication because things are deteriorating. You will never have to live in fear again. Only pay once, complete the 12 sessions by yourself and get permanent relief from all heart problems. They are there for you on an ongoing basis to see the success you desire.






Just $497





If you order now, you will also have these Free bonuses:
  • Cardiac Manual bonus…learn how the heart works ($47 Value)
  • Resistance training program ($97 value)

Now for a limited time only, you can have this amazing program plus all the free bonuses for a one-time investment of only $497.

I am offering you a great deal if you are ready to get rid of any and all heart problems today. Remember I guarantee my service. As you can see, the best time to act is now to take advantage of the limited time special offer for the end of the month as I can’t leave those Bonuses up there.

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To your ultimate heart health success,






Diamond Fernandes

P.S. Do yourself a favor and don’t let procrastination, hesitation or fear stop you from improving your heart health drastically. This Cardiac Coaching Program is the most effective way and maybe the only chance to get permanent freedom from heart events. This is going to be the most important decision and step you will ever make in your life regarding your health.

P.P.S Whether you continue living in fear of another heart attack all the time or put an end to your sufferings forever depends on what you do next. Remember, you have nothing to lose with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, a proven program and no side effects to fear.

P.P.P.S Remember that by ordering today, you can take advantage of this offer and gain access to all the amazing bonuses. Due to the huge demand, the bonuses are not going to be available for long and the price will soon go up .

Now you can achieve 100% Heart Health in 12 steps no matter how many heart events you have had in the past. Guaranteed or you get your money back.
There is no risk to you whatsoever to give our cardiac coaching program a try.

I also would like to point out that you have my 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk to you whatsoever to get started TODAY.

Just $497




























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